Writing as Teresa Edgerton


The Green Lion Trilogy:
Child of Saturn (Ace 1989)
The Moon in Hiding (Ace 1989)
The Work of the Sun (Ace 1990)

Mask & Dagger:
Goblin Moon (Ace 1991, Tickety Boo Press 2014)
The Gnome’s Engine (Ace 1991)
Hobgoblin Night lightly revised edition of The Gnome’s Engine plus three short stories (Tickety Boo Press 2015)

The Sovereignty of Mochdreff:
The Castle of the Silver Wheel (Ace 1993)
The Grail and the Ring (Ace 1994)
The Moon and the Thorn (Ace 1995)

The Queen’s Necklace (HarperCollins 2001)

Short Fiction

“The Ghost in the Chimney,” Midnight Zoo March/April 1991

“TITANIA, or The Celestial Bed,” Weird Tales from Shakespeare, Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, editors (DAW 1994)

“My Soul into the Boughs”, Enchanted Forests, Katharine Kerr and Martin H. Greenberg, editors (DAW 1995)

“A Wreath of Pale Flowers for Vitri,” The Shimmering Door, Katharine Kerr, editor (HarperPrism 1996) reprinted Malevolence, J. Scott-Marryat, editor (Tickety Boo Press 2014)

“Tower of Brass,” Tarot Fantastic, Martin H. Greenberg and Lawrence Schimel, editors (DAW 1997)

“Rogue’s Moon,” Highwaymen: Robbers & Rogues, Jennifer Roberson, editor (DAW 1997)

“Dying by Inches,” Assassin Fantastic, Martin H. Greenberg and Alexander Potter, editors (DAW 2001)

“Captured in Silver,” Murder by Magic, Rosemary Edghill, editor (Warner Aspect 2004)


“In Which the Author Endeavors to Explain Herself” Midnight Zoo, Volume 1, Number 4 (1991)

“Book Reviews,” Midnight Zoo, Volume 1, Number 4 (1991)

“Book Reviews” Midnight Zoo, Volume 1, Number 5 (1991)

Interviews conducted for the Chronicles Network (

“Science, Metaphysics, and That Curious Incident at Glastonbury Abbey … An interview with Liz Williams” (2006)

‘Interview with Author/Illustrator Betsy James” (2006)

“Cats, Comics, and the Ubiquitous Mid-life Crisis: an Interview with Tad Williams” (2007)

“Sagas and Anti-Epics: An Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold” (2007)

“Stephen Palmer: Vegetable Computers, Narcoleptic Snow, and the Evolutionary History of Life” (2011)

“Catharsis and Compulsion: an exclusive interview with Elizabeth Bear” (2011)

“The Object of Desire: an Exclusive Interview with Tanith Lee” (2012)

Writing as Madeline Howard


The Rune of Unmaking:
The Hidden Stars (HarperCollins 2004)
A Dark Sacrifice (HarperCollins December 2007)

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