Editing: First Acquisition for Venus Ascending


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And my career as acquiring editor is off to a great start (I’ll still be editing other books for TBP, just not as intimately involved in the rest of the process as with the books for VA):

I am excited to announce our first acquisition for Venus Ascending.

Skin Deep, by Carolyn Hill (some of you reading here already know her well) was submitted on request before we set the submissions window. I had seen this manuscript years ago, long before I started editing (Carolyn has a habit of writing amazing stories and then not sending them out to publishers). When we started VA I immediately thought of this book as perfect for the imprint, and asked Carolyn to send me a copy so that I could find out if it was as good as I remembered it.
It was as good as I remembered and more! It has a wonderful plot — part gritty dystopian SF and part love story — and terrific characters. What I didn’t remember was how beautifully it was written, with unadorned but exquisite prose. We’re aiming to publish this in the spring.
Further information and a cover reveal when we have a publication date.

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