New Fantasy/Science Fiction Romance Imprint



Starting in January, I’ll be at the helm of a new fantasy and science fiction romance imprint, Venus Ascending.

What we are looking for:

Romance stories in well-realized fantasy, science fiction, or science fantasy settings — steampunk, high fantasy, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, gaslight/regency, space opera, time travel, alien worlds, urban fantasy.

Elements of romance and speculative fiction must both be integral to the plot. We are looking for strong characterization and are more interested in stories focussing on the development of a powerful emotional bond between the hero and heroine than in books with long scenes of graphic sex — which doesn’t mean that we are necessarily looking for books with no sex at all, but I have little patience with books where the plot slows to a crawl in order to accommodate additional sexual encounters between the hero and heroine, and we are willing to look at sweet/clean romance if it fits the sub-genre.

For more information and submission guidelines:

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