News, news, news! (Everything is happening at once.)

I knew both of these things were coming, but I didn’t know they would happen the same week. Exciting times!

First of all, a new edition of GOBLIN MOON is just out, published by Tickety Boo Press. It’s available in trade paperback and as an ebook, which you can either buy at the Tickety Boo website (where Gary is currently offering the printed book at an excellent price for buyers in the UK) or through Barnes & Noble or Amazon (probably the best deal if you are in the US). Here is the lovely cover and a description of the book:


When the Goblin Moon rises:

Coffins float down the river, alchemists seek to turn mandrakes into men, the gentlemen scoundrels known as the Knights of Mezztopholeez practice bloody rituals as vicious as they are depraved, and one man fights a secret battle against villainy and dark sorcery, with wit, ingenuity, and a lethal lack of compunction.

Gunpowder & Alchemy supersedes Sword & Sorcery in this tale of sorcery, witchcraft, mesmerism, animal magnetism, disguises, revenges, secret societies, and secret identities.


And in unrelated news, and up until quite recently entirely unanticipated — HarperCollins has reprinted THE QUEEN’S NECKLACE in trade paperback, in stock now at Barnes and Noble, and available for pre-order at (where it will be in stock September 6). Also, for the very first time the book will be available as an ebook, although I am not sure when. I will post the date just as soon as I have it. Since an electronic version was not an option back when TQN was first published, this is tremendously exciting news.


Once upon a time the world was ruled by the beautiful, decadent goblins known as the Maglore. At last mankind rose up in rebellion and gained their freedom, exterminating the Maglore race in the process … or did they?

Maglore magicians had once created jeweled novelties known as Philosophic Engines, each with a specific purpose and a power far greater than its appearance would suggest. With the Maglore gone, humans divided the world into many small nations, each dependent on one of the tiny engines — which were hidden away in plain sight. Without them economies could collapse, the sea flood low-lying regions, and earthquakes and volcanoes threaten the north.

Now a thousand years have passed. And disaster threatens in the kingdom of Mountfalcon when the Chaos Machine, the Mountfalcon Jewel, goes missing. If news of the theft should leak out the result would be wide-spread panic and perhaps revolution. Captain Will Blackheart is appointed to find the Jewel if at all possible. As his search takes him beyond the kingdom’s borders, he begins to suspect a greater conspiracy, one that threatens the rule of more than one nation, and worse: evidence that the Maglore, not extinct after all, may be behind it all.

But the search may involve devastating personal consequence. Unbeknownst to Will, another has embarked on the same quest. The only woman he has ever loved … and can never possess.

Seduction, intrigue, magic and madness, come together in a fantastical baroque world.

These two books, unrelated to each other, are both swashbuckling adventures, part Fantasy of Manners, part Black Powder Fantasy.

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