The 777 Game


I’ve been tagged in the 777 game on Twitter, by Thaddeus White, author of Bane of Souls, and Sir Edric’s Temple. The rules: go to any one of your works in progress, find a page ending in 7, and post 7 lines. I’ve only one WIP at the moment, The Wind That Moves The Worlds (Book Three of The Rune of Unmaking), so here is my excerpt:

“You horrify me,” she said, whirling around to face him. “The others are so evil there is no disguising it. But you are far more dangerous.”

She had not meant to say it, nor anything half so revealing, but too much had happened and all of it her fault. She had not thought she would hate him so; she had not known that he would draw her like a lodestone draws iron. And there he stood, in all his tarnished nobility, in all the power of his misused and perverted gifts, tempting her to the same arrogance that had betrayed her before.

I tagged:

Denise Tanaka
James Worrad
Julia Spink Miles
Toby Frost
Chris Stevenson
Christopher Bean
E. J. Tett

(And since I don’t visit Twitter regularly, I hope none of you have been tagged before.)

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